The following was the speech given by graydon pelley at the capital hotel

Thank you for coming today, and being part of this historic event in Newfoundland and Labrador. As you are aware, on March 12, 2019, NL Alliance delivered an application, along with the required number of petitions to register with Elections NL as an official political entity in this province.

I am pleased to tell you today that we have received confirmation from Elections NL that they are in the final stages of completing that registration, and in turn, they have given us the go-ahead to take further action, and make this announcement today.  

As leader of NL Alliance, I am thrilled to inform you that, the NL Alliance Executive has announced the official opening of nominations for candidates in all 40 Electoral Districts across Newfoundland and Labrador. Any person desiring to seek the nomination to become a candidate for NL Alliance in the upcoming General Election can now do so. The candidate application form is available on our website at Each candidate is asked to submit a $100.00, non-refundable deposit with their application. A selection committee is in place to review each application and ensure it’s completeness and that all potential candidates align with the NL Alliance Guiding Principles. Candidates will be informed of the status of their application in a timely manner.  

This is an exciting day for NL Alliance and a GREAT day for the people of this province as we work together to restore confidence in the democratic process in Newfoundland and Labrador, and show the people of the province that great things will be achieved when true collaboration is made a priority.

We are committing today that NL Alliance will work for all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, uniting us as a province, while recognizing our diversity and cultural history, building on our strengths, acknowledging our challenges and working together to make Newfoundland and Labrador the best it can be for generations to come.

On a personal note, after careful consideration and much conversation with family and friends, today I am pleased to announce that I will be seeking the NL Alliance nomination right here in the District of Mount Scio! I look forward to further conversations with the people here in the district, which I have grown to have a strong connection with over the last several years. This is where four of our five children have made their home, along with our son-in-law, and our four beautiful grandchildren. Throughout the process of collecting signatures on petitions for the NL Alliance registration, I met many residents of the district at their door and heard their concerns and ideas for our community and our province as a whole. I look forward to hearing even more in the coming weeks and months, and I especially look forward to representing the people of this great district in the House of Assembly as their MHA.

To all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, I want to assure you that NL Alliance is here for you! As we continue to grow a strong team, committed to working together to bring about the changes needed in our political system, together we will restore confidence in the democratic process.  Democracy is more than casting a vote. It is having a voice and being heard, it is knowing that leaders are listening and making decisions based on the needs and desires of people. We believe it is through listening and working collaboratively that these changes will be realized. Newfoundland and Labrador is a great place to live, rich in resources and with responsible management of these resources we can have a future to look forward to. NL Alliance believes that all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, must be able to feel cared for, respected, and be able to live in hope of a future where our children and grandchildren can live in this province for generations to come.

NL Alliance is here! Let’s start working together for US!  

Thank You!