We’re excited to announce a new venture.

TalkNL is a new podcast, presented by NL Alliance, and hosted by Graydon Pelley and Rudy Norman. It will explore the issues facing Newfoundlanders and Labradorians by talking to people on the front lines.

From professionals to advocates, to everyday people trying to make it, TalkNL explores why we face the things we do, and discusses some ways we can hopefully solve some of the problems facing the province.

Today, in the Pilot episode, “The Elephant in the Room,” Graydon and Rudy kick off TalkNL with an introduction episode talking about the purpose of the podcast and what they hope to accomplish through it. Also, we get a little history of NL Alliance as a group, why it exists and what’s important to them moving forward.

Check out the Pilot Episode of TalkNL by clicking here.