NL Alliance Leader Graydon Pelley released the following statement regarding the provincial government’s announcement on Monday pertaining to Muskrat Falls rate mitigation:

The anticipated announcement we heard on Monday was another disappointment, leaving yet more questions than answers. 

What we witnessed at this latest “major announcement” was more finger pointing, another episode of the blame game and a commitment for more negotiations to work out a plan with Ottawa. What has the provincial government been doing for the last half-decade? We still do not have a long term sustainable plan for dealing with the debt of Muskrat Falls. We may or may not have a short term plan, however, it’s difficult to be certain based on the vagueness of this announcement.

On Monday, we saw, once again, a lack of real leadership from this administration, and we deserve better.  This lackluster announcement is another reason why we need a leader who can be open and transparent and one who can work across party lines to get the best solutions to the issues facing Newfoundland and Labrador.

After Monday’s news conference, NL Alliance feels we have no choice but to reiterate our call for Premier Ball’s resignation. We need leadership now that will own the problems we have, and work with all elected officials in our province, as well as Ottawa, to find a real solution if we are going to have a future for this province.