NL Alliance
Working Together for Change.




Ben Callahan

Baie Verte-Green Bay

Having lived on Pilley’s Island all of his life, Ben has found himself filing many roles in and around his community. A former councillor, mayor, and currently the president of the Pilley's Island Heritage Society he is a well-known, positive influence in the area. He graduated from the College of the North Atlantic with a diploma in Survey Engineering Technology, and currently works as a Freelance Offshore Surveyor. “I would like to be a candidate because I believe I can offer my district fair, honest, and loyal representation...I would like to see a change in the way our political system works.”

Ryan Lane.jpg

Ryan Lane

Cape st. francis

Ryan has offered himself multiple times to serve his community and province. He believes that he can make a positive change in government and would like to see improvements in several areas. His previous campaigns has given him insight into what is required from those wishing to represent the people of NL. With a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Certificate in Criminology, Ryan has a wide range of knowledge in various sectors. Ryan has called the district of Cape St. Francis home for the past 10 years and would be a proud representative in the House of Assembly, working hard for the people of his district.


Warrick Butler

Conception Bay south

For the past 15 years, Warrick has been an active member of the CHBA-NL, serving as President, a member of numerous committees, and on the board of directors. As a Business Owner in CBS, he has sponsored sports teams in the community, volunteered time, labour, and management while recruiting other companies to do the same. Warrick is a Red Seal Carpenter and has served as an Automotive Service Technician in the past. During his time as President of the CHBA-NL, he did not shy away from the opportunity to engage with the media and make appearances at various events. Tired of current Government practices, Warrick wants to bring real change in how it operates.


Mike Cooze

Harbour main

Mike has a fighter’s spirit in him. He fights for what’s right; for people he cares about. Having been involved in several protests, he shows the passion he has and that he’s willing to stand up and say, “enough is enough.” He believes you should mean what you say and honesty in politics is a must, if government is to make positive changes. He has lived in the district of Harbour Main for the past 7 years and has his own contracting company servicing the area, and supports various causes in Holyrood, where he resides. Moving out of his comfort zone, Mike intends to serve his constituents to the best of his ability strive to bring integrity back to the HoA.


William Neville

Mount pearl north

William Neville lives in Mount Pearl with his husband of 9 years and their son. He has a Computer Studies diploma from Keyin Technical College and current works as a Project Manager in IT. Over the past 30+ years, William has worked with businesses and IT to shape, plan, and cost effectively deliver initiatives to exploit technology for business advantage. This included the creation of IT strategies, multiyear planning of initiatives, and the design and delivery of complex IT initiatives.

He is currently working as a Project Manager at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

William became involved in the NL Alliance cause to work towards political reform. He sees the current political system not providing equal representation for all people in our province and also is party partisan and not collaborative in the House of Assembly.


Graydon Pelley

Mount scio

Graydon’s greatest passion in life is helping others. His work ethic and commitment, along with his experience in the field of education, makes him uniquely qualified to represent the residents of Mount Scio in the House of Assembly. Through his volunteer work and employment, Graydon has had a positive impact on many people throughout this province. He has served on various provincial and community boards, including the NLTA Provincial Executive, the College of Optometrists, and the Isleview Foundation. Through a walk across the province, and an annual Caring for Kids Walk, he has raised close to $50,000 for the Janeway. He is married to his wife Debbie, of 35 years, and together have five children and four grandchildren.


Shane Snook

St. George’s-Humber

Shane has many goals he would like to reach as he offers to represent members of the district of St. George’s-Humber. His top priority is to support our government as they move toward political and electoral reform. As an Indigenous Activist, he would also like to see policy outcomes in support of indigenous languages, culture, rights, and language within the province. Having written multiple pieces to various media outlets regarding issues of concern, Shane is well-poised to tackle the concerns of the district he wishes to represent. He is ready to hear what the people have to say and to bring the issues to the House of Assembly.


Barry Moores

terra nova

In 1988, Barry earned an honours degree in journalism form the University of King’s College. He has worked in a wide range of roles in the field of journalism including, reporter, editor, and teacher. He’s a tireless advocate in the media for disability issues and in December 2016, released an unprecedented series of 14 articles about his life with disability, which was covered in the provincial media. His commitment to hard work in his profession and his dedication to volunteer service and advocacy for multiple sclerosis and disability access issues makes him an example of what it means to make a lifelong contribution to the community.


Lori Best-Moore


Lori wants to be a voice for the people of Topsail-Paradise. She has spent a lot of time advocating for her fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and is very vocal about issues she feels need to be addressed, including appearing before the PUB with regards to Muskrat Falls rate increases. For the past 15 years she has been Director of Newfound Foundation, which aids in the financial needs of sick children and their families. She is currently working in a Medical Administration role, but feels the need to step up and give the people of NL someone to believe in.