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Guiding Principle Five

Guiding Principle Five

We regard the physical, mental, emotional and economic well-being of every Newfoundlander and Labradorian to be our greatest responsibility.

NL Alliance believes a person’s overall wellness is critical in creating a healthier and happier population. We will work with the Department of Health and Community Services, the Regional Wellness Coalitions, along with other agencies, promoting wellness across the province. We will continue to focus on healthy eating, a balanced lifestyle, and active living. Through collaboration with these agencies we will support programs through education and partnerships.

According to a study by The Conference Board of Canada in 2015:

“Newfoundland and Labrador ranks last among the provinces and 26th among the 29 comparator regions overall—only the territories fare worse. The province scores a “D–” on mortality due to diabetes, ranking lower than the worst-performing peer country and second-to-last overall. Newfoundland and Labrador scores “D”s on infant mortality and mortality due to cancer and is the bottom-ranked province on both indicators. It ranks second-lowest on mortality due to heart disease and stroke, yet manages to get a “C” grade only because last-place Finland’s mortality rate is much higher. The province earns “C” grades on two other indicators: life expectancy and mortality due to respiratory diseases. Newfoundland and Labrador earns “B” grades on premature mortality, suicides, and mortality due to nervous system disease. However, similar to its grade on heart disease and stroke, the grade on nervous system diseases largely reflects Finland’s extremely poor performance on this indicator. Newfoundland ranks 23rd among the 29 regions on mortality due to nervous system diseases—if Finland were excluded, Newfoundland and Labrador would receive a “C” on this indicator. The province earns its only “A”s for self-reported health and self-reported mental health.”

As the above report highlights, we have to do better for the sake of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. There are many factors that determine one’s health such as employment and income, education, social supports, physical and social environments, early childhood education and development, as well as proper health services. We will support programs for individuals who need help in gaining back their health, independence and dignity. NL Alliance supports direct funding of programs for victims of domestic violence, inpatient/outpatient mental health care/ addictions, and funding to support proper care of our aging population by providing them with safe and caring environments. Additionally, we recognize the plights of our province’s veterans. The NL Alliance intends on engaging with veterans to better understand the issues they face on a regular basis, ultimately allowing us to acquire a better sense of where to allocate funding.

A person’s well-being is strongly dependent on the economy. NL Alliance believes we must create an environment whereby our youth and young families will have a sustainable future where they can raise happy, healthy families. We believe growing the economy and reducing our debt will help improve a person’s overall well-being.