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Guiding Principle Two

Guiding Principle Two

“We commit to holding true to the meaning of honest, transparent, accountable and open government”

Honesty is a key principle of leadership.

Effective leadership will be the backbone of an NL Alliance administration. We will work hard with everyone involved, to bring strong management to the province and a true change of governance, for the betterment of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.

NL Alliance believes this starts with the selection process of candidates. We have developed a thorough and in-depth application process, to be completed by everyone who seeks to be a candidate with NL Alliance. Potential candidates are expected to provide detailed information regarding their public life and the values they hold. Each potential candidate’s application will be reviewed and vetted by a selection committee.

As a candidate, one must be willing to listen, collaborate and initiate conversation with their potential constituents. NL Alliance candidates are expected to provide true and clear answers to the people from which they are seeking support. They must answer questions put forth to them honestly, without exception. This is our promise to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Transparency is paramount to a strong government.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, we have had a troubled history with a lack of transparency and openness when it comes to administrations of the past. Today, we see first hand, examples of what can happen when Governments withhold information from the people of the province, and make decisions without proper consultation or collaboration.

The Muskrat Falls Inquiry is just one example of uncovering ways our elected officials used positions of power to make decisions without transparency to the stakeholders most affected by the outcomes of their mismanagement. Legislation such as Bill 29 was designed to intentionally stimey the release of relevant information and to prevent the people of Newfoundland and Labrador from having a say in how the government handled their resources.

NL Alliance believes that without transparency, no administration should be put in a position to govern. NL Alliance commits to governing in an open and transparent way. We will enlist true collaboration, and set parameters on public consultation requirements for future megaprojects to ensure mistakes of the past are not repeated. We will also ensure the names of shareholders or major beneficiaries that receive money from the people of the province will be made available.

Accountability of government to its people is not a choice, but a requirement.

NL Alliance believes that the responsibility of an MHA to their consituents does not stop once they are elected. An MHA needs to be accountable to the electorate at all times, to ensure they are meeting the needs of, and effectively representing their constituents in the legislature. If this isn’t happening, the voices of the people should be heard, and changes made that will benefit the district and the province as a whole. To achieve this, a mechanism must exist that will allow those voters affected to enforce accountability upon the person representing them. NL Alliance believes one such process to achieve this is Recall Legislation. We will introduce a system where an established committee will oversee and facilitate this procedure in required cases.


In addition to being accountable to the people in their district, an MHA must also be accountable to the province and the legislature in which they have been elected to serve. We will undertake a review of the rules in the House of Assembly regarding behaviour, to ensure members treat each other with respect. The House of Assembly should be a place where the decorum is admirable and debate provides honest feedback and options for serious consideration.

Open Government ensures that equal opportunity is given to all people.

Partisanship should have no place in how our province is governed. For decades we have seen administrations abuse power by pandering to a select group of individuals who find themselves on the ‘inside’ and receive opportunities often times not available to the general public.

This should never be the case. Government should work for and be open and available to all people. Any publicly funded positions should also be open for competition and everyone who desires to enter an application for consideration should be given the opportunity to do so.

NL Alliance will ensure all future opened public positions, paid or otherwise, will be posted and available for any qualified person to apply. All applicants will be evaluated for each position using the same criteria relevant to the position. All hires will be based on qualifications, as it should be.

Through the four pillars of Honesty, Transparency, Accountability and Open Government, NL Alliance will be an effective and deserving administration.