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NL Alliance announces opening of nominations in all forty districts

The following was the speech given by graydon pelley at the capital hotel

Thank you for coming today, and being part of this historic event in Newfoundland and Labrador. As you are aware, on March 12, 2019, NL Alliance delivered an application, along with the required number of petitions to register with Elections NL as an official political entity in this province.

I am pleased to tell you today that we have received confirmation from Elections NL that they are in the final stages of completing that registration, and in turn, they have given us the go-ahead to take further action, and make this announcement today.  

As leader of NL Alliance, I am thrilled to inform you that, the NL Alliance Executive has announced the official opening of nominations for candidates in all 40 Electoral Districts across Newfoundland and Labrador. Any person desiring to seek the nomination to become a candidate for NL Alliance in the upcoming General Election can now do so. The candidate application form is available on our website at Each candidate is asked to submit a $100.00, non-refundable deposit with their application. A selection committee is in place to review each application and ensure it’s completeness and that all potential candidates align with the NL Alliance Guiding Principles. Candidates will be informed of the status of their application in a timely manner.  

This is an exciting day for NL Alliance and a GREAT day for the people of this province as we work together to restore confidence in the democratic process in Newfoundland and Labrador, and show the people of the province that great things will be achieved when true collaboration is made a priority.

We are committing today that NL Alliance will work for all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, uniting us as a province, while recognizing our diversity and cultural history, building on our strengths, acknowledging our challenges and working together to make Newfoundland and Labrador the best it can be for generations to come.

On a personal note, after careful consideration and much conversation with family and friends, today I am pleased to announce that I will be seeking the NL Alliance nomination right here in the District of Mount Scio! I look forward to further conversations with the people here in the district, which I have grown to have a strong connection with over the last several years. This is where four of our five children have made their home, along with our son-in-law, and our four beautiful grandchildren. Throughout the process of collecting signatures on petitions for the NL Alliance registration, I met many residents of the district at their door and heard their concerns and ideas for our community and our province as a whole. I look forward to hearing even more in the coming weeks and months, and I especially look forward to representing the people of this great district in the House of Assembly as their MHA.

To all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, I want to assure you that NL Alliance is here for you! As we continue to grow a strong team, committed to working together to bring about the changes needed in our political system, together we will restore confidence in the democratic process.  Democracy is more than casting a vote. It is having a voice and being heard, it is knowing that leaders are listening and making decisions based on the needs and desires of people. We believe it is through listening and working collaboratively that these changes will be realized. Newfoundland and Labrador is a great place to live, rich in resources and with responsible management of these resources we can have a future to look forward to. NL Alliance believes that all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, must be able to feel cared for, respected, and be able to live in hope of a future where our children and grandchildren can live in this province for generations to come.

NL Alliance is here! Let’s start working together for US!  

Thank You!

Natasha Norman
NL Alliance delivers petitions to register with Elections NL as province’s newest political group and announces plans moving forward

Today Graydon Pelley, founder of NL Alliance, was joined by supporters and members of the NL Alliance planning committee at the headquarters of Elections NL in St. John’s. While there, Mr. Pelley met with officials from Elections NL and delivered the required number of signed petitions and the application to register NL Alliance as the newest political group in the Newfoundland and Labrador.

“Today is a very exciting day for everyone involved with NL Alliance, and a historic day for Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Pelley. “When we started this journey in November, we knew it was going to be a challenge, but we were prepared for what was in front of us. Today marks the completion of the first milestone to change the way politics is done in this province.”

NL Alliance began collecting signatures on petitions in November through mail-in submissions. Elections NL rules stated a requirement of 1000 signatures to submit an application for registration. In late January, after consultations with Elections NL, scanned copies of petitions were also accepted, speeding up the process. Today, along with the application, over 1000 signed petitions were submitted to Elections NL, signed by people from all over the province, representing 104 communities and 38 electoral districts.

“We have talked with people from all over the province, and we have found that the thirst for change is out there, and a desire to work together to make Newfoundland and Labrador the best it can be is what’s driving people to lend their voice to the cause and be part of something new and exciting,” Pelley continued.

After today’s submission, NL Alliance will wait for Elections NL to do it’s formal review of the application, and provide confirmation that registration can proceed.

“The people at Elections NL have been an amazing support and resource through this entire process, and I can’t commend them enough on their professionalism and dedication. I have no doubt they will find everything they need is in order with the petitions and application, and they’ve assured me they’ll complete their work as soon as possible, so we can start to work for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador,” Pelley stated.

That work will involve releasing platform statements, crafted through collaboration and built on the guiding principles of NL Alliance.

“One of the first things we will be releasing is the framework that we feel could be used for true electoral reform, that will eliminate the adversarial party system we have today and make sure that every government in power in Newfoundland and Labrador works for the people of the province, and not the colour of their party.”

NL Alliance will also begin the process of selecting candidates, and nominations will be called across the province once registration is confirmed. Interested individuals wishing to submit their name for candidacy consideration will be welcome to do so. A candidate application will be available, and a screening committee will determine a person’s eligibility to become a NL Alliance candidate. All successful candidates will be asked to submit a $100 application fee with their application.

“We have also spoken out previously about our commitment to help move campaign finance reform in the right direction, and administer a voluntary cap of $5000.00 on all donations,” said Pelley. “Currently, there’s no limit on political donations in this province. Other parties have built up war chests under those rules, and now claim to be in favor of changing them. We want to lead by example, by being the first ones to commit to a cap. This cap, for us, is also merely a starting point, and isn’t as far as we want to go in the future on this issue.”

NL Alliance thanks those who supported the move to get to this point, including all those who signed and helped with petitions, those who offered feedback and insight on all aspects thus far, and the people of the province who we vow to work hard for going forward.

“I’m excited about what’s to come, and we will be moving forward with other policy and election readiness plans, in the lead up to the 2019 election,” concluded Pelley.

Rudy Norman
NL Alliance to hold town hall meeting in Holyrood

NL Alliance will be hosting a town hall style meeting in Holyrood at Holyrood Community Centre on December 1, 2018 at 6:00pm. The purpose of this meeting is to give people an opportunity to join the conversation around what NL Alliance believes to be the much needed change in the political system of Newfoundland and Labrador.

“We’re inviting everyone who can possibly attend, who cares about the future of this province and has ideas about how we can work together to change it, to be there” said NL Alliance founder, Graydon Pelley. Pelley will be leading the meeting, as well as sharing a speech around the meaning behind the Alliance’s Guiding Principles.

Most notably, he’ll be speaking to, and want to discuss the fact that NL Alliance is calling for not only a change in the attitude and operation of government to change, but the entire system altogether to change, and move away from a party system that unfairly represents the people of the province.

“Under the current system, there are 40 elected MHAs and, of those 40 members, very few are given an opportunity to have a say in the decisions of the province,” Pelley said. “NL Alliance believes that all elected MHAs are elected to represent the people of the province, and therefore should be given equal opportunity to contribute to the decisions that affect the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.”

One example Pelley gave is the provincial budget. Where, in a number of cases, most MHAs aren’t even aware of what’s in the budget document until it’s presented to them, along with the media, on budget day.

“I’ve talked to many current and former MHAs who have told me they’ve walked in a room, been told what they’re getting or what they’re losing and how they’re expected to vote, and up to then they’ve had no say in any of it,” he said. “That isn’t right. All members have a right to have a voice around the table, and that is exactly what NL Alliance will do. We will make sure that every elected MHA is given a voice, no matter what political banner they carry.”

Members of the public as well as media are invited to come join the conversation: December 1, 2018, 6:00pm, Holyrood Community Centre, Holyrood, NL.

Rudy Norman
NL Alliance releases Guiding Principles and launches official logo

Today the newly formed NL Alliance released five ‘Guiding Principles’ which will be the foundation for future written policy and initiatives the movement will form and take on, in its endeavour to change politics in Newfoundland and Labrador and be a true representation for the people of the province.

“These Guiding Principles are the cornerstones for what we will do as an Alliance and how we will develop a platform and policy moving forward, with the help of the people of the province,” said NL Alliance Founder, Graydon Pelley. “With these Principles in mind, we now turn to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador to lend their voice and help us highlight the things that are important and that will put the province back on the right track to be the prosperous place it should be.”

Pelley reiterated that to be a true Alliance, all voices should be heard and listened to, which is one of the biggest goals of the movement, and one of the inspirations of why it was founded in the first place.

“For too long, ideas and decisions have come from a few people lucky enough to get in a room, and they have made the decisions that affect all of us,” Pelley continued. “We say: No more. NL Alliance will be a voice for everyone, and we welcome all input from anyone who is willing to help shape the future of the province in the best interest of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.”

NL Alliance expresses that they are putting NL first, and hope to start a new conversation around the ideas and concerns of all people in the province. That desire is also expressed in the Alliance’s new brand, which contains the colours of the NL Flag, as well as a conversation balloon in the middle symbolizing the dialogue they hope to facilitate with Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

“For this Alliance to be successful, we need people who are willing to talk; to bring ideas, and concerns; to stand up and say that politics as it is now isn’t working, and we need to change that. We need people to join the conversation, and help us become a true Alliance,” Pelley said.

NL Alliance welcomes people to submit their feedback through their Facebook page, and web site ( where people can also sign the petition that will help Elections NL officially recognize NL Alliance as a real option for change.

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