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Note: When submitting this form, please ensure you see a confirmation page at the end. If not, then your form isn't submitted. Please let us know if you have issues by emailing

Thank you for your interest in representing NL Alliance in a future election. 

This form is meant to be an application for all interested potential candidates to put their name forward for consideration to become an NL Alliance candidate in an upcoming by-election or general election. 

The questions asked in this form are extensive and necessary due to the competitive nature of political campaigning. The personal characteristics, history and reputations of candidates may come under public scrutiny, and NL Alliance considers the integrity of its candidates to be a reflection of the organization you’ll be representing. Protecting the integrity of all people involved is our top priority. 

All questions must be answered fully and honestly, to the best of your ability. The information required on this form is to ensure full disclosure to protect candidates and NL Alliance from disrepute. We require full disclosure so that we can be transparent, open, honest and prepared. Any errors or omissions can result in leaving yourself or NL Alliance vulnerable to political and personal attacks and criticism, and damage reputations. We reserve the right to contact references and review your past activities. 

Information that you provide is strictly confidential and only accessible by our candidate vetting committee and those tasked with assisting them in screening potential candidates. We respect your privacy and will not divulge information provided herein to anyone for any purpose whatsoever except as required for candidate approval, and as otherwise required by law enforcement agencies.

All potential candidates will be contacted for further interviews before being accepted as a candidate. Once accepted, candidates must provide a recent Certificate of Conduct as well as a $100 fee.

By completing this form, you accept that those are terms applying to your candidacy.

Thank you for submitting your application.

We will review your submission and someone from our Candidate Selection Committee will be in touch with you soon!